SIFAMO Employee Empowerment.

The topic of further education is not just a buzzword for us but a fundamental component of our company. At SI.FA.MO, we believe that an individualized training strategy is essential for the success of an IT company.

We believe that each person should excel in one thing in their life to maximize success and happiness. Therefore, each employee receives a roadmap tailored to their own interests and talents, outlining what it takes to become a software architect, a specialist in frontend frameworks, or an expert in system architectures.

Continuous Learning

Continuous learning is a motto we live by, not only in our professional lives but also in our personal lives. We believe that a training strategy tailored to employees is essential for any company looking to establish itself in the market in the long term.

That’s why we’ve created our SI.FA.MO EE program, which trains our employees to become mentors and allows them to achieve annual certifications of their choice.

Workshops & Events

Within Employee Empowerment, we regularly hold workshops for internal training and a range of learning and training activities.

ngXpert & Trainings

ngXpert – here you’ll find our offerings for workshops on internal and external training in the Angular environment.


In our mentoring program, each junior developer is assigned an experienced mentor who supports them in customer projects and individual development.

Knowledge Hub

Our Knowledge Hub provides an opportunity for an exciting exchange on the latest technologies, such as Artificial Intelligence, Cloud, or new frameworks.


In our TechTalks, we regularly present various topics from the Employee Empowerment program that are currently of interest to customers, employees, and the IT industry.

Customized Career Plan

At SI.FA.MO, we track and organize a roadmap for our employees to foster their individual growth, enabling them to grow with us.

Employee Empowerment by sifamo

Within the SI.FA.MO Employee Empowerment program, regular Knowledge Hubs facilitate exchanges on the latest and most interesting technologies. The result is exciting events and TechTalks on various topics that we regularly host in-house.

Every employee has the chance to present ideas and innovations and if agreed on a specific topic it can be started!

Knowledge Hubs





Becoming an expert!

Every employee is invited and has the opportunity to fully engage. You can also find our workshop offerings like ngXpert here.


Satisfied Employees


Satisfied Customer


The Employee Empowerment program helped me not only expand my knowledge in the backend and DevOps fields but also use it strategically and sustainably in customer projects. Now, I’m always there as a mentor for new employees, assisting in their individual development.

Ayman Kalaie

Lead Developer, sifamo GmbH

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