Agile Development

We are Scrum experts and bring extensive expertise to the table. Within the framework of sprints, we assist you in developing new features or resolving bugs in any IT project. We believe that the development of products – not just digital ones – benefits from teams acting agilely within the Scrum framework. Therefore, we train our experts to become Scrum Masters, helping other teams better understand and effectively utilize Scrum.


If you’re in search of Scrum experts, you’ll find them with us. Daily stand-ups, planning, and reviews are part of our daily routine. During sprints, we develop new features or permanently address disruptive bugs for you.

Process Structuring

We introduce an agile mindset into your traditional process management and expand your structures with approaches, methods, and techniques that add value to your customers.

Quality First!

We consider each of our clients as partners for whom we develop tailor-made solutions, always with the highest commitment to quality – including testing, code quality, clean code, and state-of-the-art practices.

DoR & DoD

Our Scrum team defines the Definition of Done (DoD) for your IT project, determining when work on a Product Backlog Item is complete and no further revisions are needed. In the Definition of Ready (DoR), we specify when a Product Backlog Item is sufficiently developed to be included in a sprint.


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