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We assist in the implementation of highly scalable and modern web applications following the latest standards and state-of-the-art best practices. Our team accompanies you from the idea to the concrete realization of your digital product. We have the expertise to help you develop a sustainable product together.


The technical success of a product is always linked to its architecture and conception. With our experience, we help you create a sustainable architecture.


Asynchronous event handling is standard in every Angular application and can be processed easily, quickly, and sequentially through the RxJS library.

Quality & Testing

Quality assurance and meaningful test coverage ensure a smooth production run. We help you take the necessary steps to sustainably maintain high-quality applications.


We assist in the implementation following the Domain-Driven Design approach to keep your applications scalable and maintainable. Develop independently – Share together.

Migrationen & Upgrades

If your application is still running on an old Angular version and you want to migrate it to a new version, our team is happy to help with the migration and upgrade.

Unit Testing

Unit tests ensure that the developed components, services, etc., do what they were developed for. With our experience, we help you develop tests at the highest level and distinguish them sensibly from E2E tests.


We help introduce NGRX state management following the Redux Pattern. This creates a clean structure in your application, as well as in the entire development team.

Clean Code

We help you define the right configurations to always meet the highest quality standards and keep your code readable and maintainable.

E2E Testing/Cypress

To ensure that your application runs smoothly for your users, (automated) end-to-end tests of your UI are standard in every web application.

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Unsere Experten

With our support, you will succeed in the appropriate development. We are by your side throughout the entire development process, with individual experts or even an entire team.

Our services include, among others: development teams & new development, further development, migrations, upgrades, workshops, training, and hosting.





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