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Angular, React, HTML, CSS3 –¬†

Look & Feel or a great Usability?

To combine both important aspects the usage of new, modern and secure frontend frameworks is unalterable.

Zaffar-Solutions is permantly upskilling its employees to meet and satisfy all customer relevant requirements.

Migration & Integration

You are still working with old Java Versions or you are even planning to switch to a completely new System? Through our expertisé we can help you to migrate your old systems to new and modern technologies.


JavaEE, SpringBoot, REST/SOAP, MySQL, NoSQL –¬†

A great frontend with an amazing Look&Feel is nothing worth without its heart – the Backend. The development of a performant and secure backend is one the core skills of Zaffar-Solutions.

Testing & QA

To guarantee the quality and the security of a project testing is one the core parts of each software development process. Starting tests on the client-side and processing to the smalles microservice – We will assure quality to your project.


Zaffar Solutions.

We will assist & consult you from scratch. Starting and analysing your requirements and help you to improve your project.


After defining your requirements it is important to analyse the best matching technologies for your demands. We will help you finding the best technologies and frameworks to develop a performant and secure product.

Software Development

Zaffar Solutions.

Testing and Documenting the whole process – starting with component tests till integration and whole system tests will assure a perfect quality of your product.


“Good code is its own best documentation. As you’re about to add a comment, ask yourself, ‘How can I improve the code so that this comment isn’t needed?’ Improve the code and then document it to make it even clearer.”

Steve McConnell

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